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Wheat sowing at Carter Historic Farm (Ohio, USA)

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The Carter Historic Farm is a Great Depression-era living history farm in Bowling Green, Ohio. They raise livestock and heirloom grains and produce to share with their community. They also partner with a local historic mill to grind the grains, and a local food bank to distribute the produce. They also offer a wide variety of programming, from Depression-era concerts to canning, mending, and crochet.

Preparing the seed bed at Carter Historic Farm

​The field chosen for the wheat cultivation was fallow all summer, but disked every other week over the summer to moderate weeds. Approaching planting time, the field was ripped with a subsoiler to break up the dense clay after a summer of heavy rains, to allow future rain to reach through the soil down to drainage tile. The field was then harrowed with a drag harrow, then worked with a disk + packer, and finally planted using a 1912 (approx.) Superior 10 grain drill with 6” spacing in a square spiral from the outside of the field working towards the center.

Filled Superior 10 grain drill

Original Superior 10 planting chart and instructions

Short clip of the sowing process using the Superior 10 grain drill sowing machine and a 1937 Allis Chalmers tractor

The planting was finished by September 21st 2021.


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