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Seeds and Soil documentation

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The first months of the project are now behind us and we have the opportunity to provide a short interim report. One focus of the project contributions published on the website was devoted to various aspects of common wheat in general and seeds as well as soil in particular. This provided a general framework for the further months of the project and made clear why wheat is so suitable for this pilot year.

In addition, within the project, with the help of appropriate forms, the growers documented in detail things such as growing conditions on site, the predominant soil types and the seeds to be used for the project year. All this information was passed on to the project team and will now be carefully evaluated in the coming weeks and transferred to a separate database system.

Exemplary excerpt from one of the project forms sent by the growers

From the second week of January onwards, public relations will focus on the different methods of soil cultivation and in the course of this, there will also be more intensive reporting on individual aspects (be it plowing, no-till tillage or harrowing). As a result of our efforts, pursued in cooperation with ALHFAM, to obtain and impart

essential skills, but also to get you in the mood for the topic of tillage, we would like to present below a short "one-shot" in which our new project member Ed Schultz from Colonial Williamsburg (US) competently conveys when the field is ready for plowing.

We now wish you a peaceful holiday season and a good start to the new year.

Claus Kropp Project Manager

on behalf of the entire project-team


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