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Insights from our grower Denis Adam from his "La petite ferme de chanon" (France)

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

We have already reported in one of our previous blogposts about the wheat cultivation of Denis Adam and his family and today we want to go back there and look at the current state of the wheat and also think about the question of weed control.

The following picture shows the condition of the wheat last week and it is exciting that this bread wheat (from own propagation - no clear variety assignment possible) has grown very high with up to 1.60m in places. Thus, the straw is probably also very suitable for roofing.

The wheat plot of "Le petit ferme the chanon", single plants growing up to 1,60m in height. Picture: D. Adam

Asked about weed control, Denis Adam reports:

We had a very low rainfall at the end of winter and beginning of spring (even drought). For the last two weeks we have had a sharp drop in temperature (down to 6°C in the early morning) and several centimeters of rain. The wheat has developed strongly and has made its heading during this period. Usually, we use a weeder to control the grass. This year it was not necessary, the wheat took advantage. The alfalfa crop precedent is probably a good part of the reason for the relative cleanliness of the plot and the size of the straw.

We are already looking forward to once more "zoom in" in the upcoming weeks to accompany Denis Adam and his family for the harvest.


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