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News from Auenhof Pabstthum: maintaining and weeding the potato cultures

On the 6th of April so approximately two weeks after planting the potatoes, the team from Auenhof Pabstthum began to harrow the ridges with a net harrow:

After another two weeks, due to significant weed growth, it became urgent to hill the field. Despite suboptimal conditions, as it was too wet and there had been recent frost, the field was hilled. As well as the harrow the hilling plow is worked with cows wearing a three-pad-collar:

Following additional hillings, by early June, the plants were thriving better than they had in years, thanks to sufficient rainfall this year:

Just as it seemed they might be spared, the common potato beetle started to spread again:

To assess the extent of the infestation and determine the larval stages, some plants were initially handpicked:

It was then decided to spray with Neem. A backpack sprayer was used for this purpose:

In this photo from June 13, it is evident that the Laura plants are significantly taller than the simultaneously planted Linda, which had not yet bloomed:

Field Diary

Date: 6.4.2024; Weather Condition: Sunny

  • Harrowed the ridges with a net harrow.

Date: 20.4.2024; Weather Condition: Cold, following a late frost

  • Hilled the field with a hilling plow.

Date: 19.5.2024; Weather Condition: Overcast 

  • Hilled the field with a hilling plow.

Date: 1.6.2024; Weather Condition: Variable weather

  • Sprayed Neem.

Date: 8.6.2024; Weather Condition: Overcast

  • Sprayed Neem.


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