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Flax cultivation at Hessenpark (Germany)

Hessenpark is an open-air museum located in Neu-Anspach, Hesse, Germany. It is a cultural heritage site that showcases the rural architecture and lifestyle of the Hesse region.

Not only will you find more than one hundred re-erected historic buildings in Hessenpark Open Air Museum, but also fields, pastures and meadows, fruit trees, gardens, a vineyard and many animals that were once typical for the farms in the region. Throughout the year, we offer interested visitors insights into the historical life and work of the rural population by presenting demonstrations on the various steps of grain and fibre plant processing or on the everyday chores of animal husbandry. At the Hessenpark Open Air Museum visitors get the chance to experience historical agricultural practices first-hand.

Flax Cultivation Steps

The soil cultivation for the flax plot was done in the following steps:

1. Ploughing in November 2022 with a 3-share moldboard plough pulled by a tractor

2. Seedbed preparation at the beginning of May with a harrow on the tractor (Porsche Junior and 3-part harrow from the video below)

3. Sowing by hand with seed tray

4. Harrowing with harrow as above

5. No rolling, as heavy rainfall had been forecast

The Flax at the beginning of June 2023:


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