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A 1940 wheat seed box

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

A Year On The Field is not just about the big picture, but also about little anecdotes and wheat-stories. We were particularly pleased when, at a very early stage of the project, Barbara Fisher from Ohio (US) contacted us and told us about a seed box including wheat that belonged to her father and that was is still in her possession.

The Seed Collection Box

The Seed Collection with the individual jars

It turned out to be a seed box consisting of a total of 18 jars that Barbara's father, Robert S Fisher of Ashland, Ohio, had put together as part of a FFA (Future Farmers for America) Seed Project.

Senior Year 1944, FFA Class, Robert Fisher first row, second from the right

Besides the before-mentioned wheat, the box (dated April 29, 1940) also contains flax, millet as well as various types of clover and timothy.

The exact date of the seed box

Wheat seeds from the "wheat-jar"

We sincerely thank Barbara Fisher for sending us this fascinating journey into the youth of a young farmer from rural America.

Floyd D. Fisher Farm, Perry Twp. Asland County, Ohio in the 1940s

info and pictures submitted by

Barbara Fisher


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