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Skill Preservation and Documentation

One of the key elements of our `A Year On The Field' is to document and preserve skills to cultivate and process wheat. We imagine Year On The Field as an important database for traditional farming skills across the globe and through historic eras.

We are thrilled to announce that the project teamed up with ALHFAM's Skill Training and Preservation ("STP") international initiative to spread valuable knowledge and skills of the past and present (for more info: ALHFAM - Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums - Skill Training and Preservation (STP) Resource Center).

ALHFAM STP Committee and `A Year On The Field" intern Annalena Keil after filming a new skill clip

We invited Annalena Keil, a young farmer and filmmaker from Germany, to help us create, edit and process media. Annalena's skill with the camera, microphone, and vision combines with her farming knowledge to bring an insider's perspective to sharing and improving our project. We look forward to interesting and exciting video, audio, photographs, and text from our project members, our filmmaker - and you.

We want to inspire the public to engage with the project and to help document farming skills - so let us introduce our first invitation for the public to join us - 'on the field':

Claus Kropp Project Coordinator


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