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Introducing our growers: Kaltbluthof Peter Wolf

Harvesting potatoes with horse powered machinery

The Kaltbluthof Peter Wolf is a small farm in North Hesse, Germany. They farm 1 ha of arable land of which about 500 square metres are potatoes and the rest is oats, barley and rye. At the moment they have 1 team of Percherons, 1 team of Fjord horses (3 years old and in training), 1 riding horse and a companion horse and 2 fattening pigs. On the field they do all the work with the horses except threshing.

Planting is also done with draft horse power

As for the potatoes, they always plant around 500 square metres, their varieties are Red Laura and Belana. They plant with a single-row MC Cormick fully automatic harvester, hoe and rake in a single row and harvest with a Schmotzer rotary harvester with catcher. The potatoes are divided up within the family and used to feed the pigs.

Weeding through the potatoe rows


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