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Sowing flax in Austria by "Das Halbe Team"

In March, we ploughed a meadow into a field of arable land with a tractor on our estate management Fridau, Obergrafendorf/Lower Austria. This would not have been possible with our relatively small draft animals. At the beginning of May we ploughed a second time, but this time with our ponies. Sowing was not yet possible due to heavy rainfall. It was not until 13 May that we sowed and put the seeds in the ground with our homemade cultivator.

The day after sowing, it started raining heavily again. I was very worried about the seeds, which were washed away on the surface and remained there. However, they germinated very quickly due to the power of the sun in combination with the rain, and out of fear of damaging the seedlings, I did not dare to cover them again with the cultivator.

Luckily, the worries were without justification, because the plantlets look promising today, 25 May!

Text prepared by: Carol Streefkerk



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