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A Year On The Field
Pilot Year: Common Wheat - Second Year: Flax

About the Project

What We Do

"A Year on the Field" Project seeks to exchange knowledge about cultivation of one crop through the centuries and in many parts of the world, powered by diverse museum sites, living history farms and also commercial farms (conventional or organic).


Our project was initiated in Autumn 2021 and during our pilot year (2021-2022) the chosen crop is common wheat.

Common wheat (Triticum aestivum) has been one of the most important field crops around the world for millennia.



Sites and farms participating in the project are developing a unique database on various cultivation traditions, regional seed varieties and traction
methods: animal or tractor powered.  

Participating sites also network on a deep level despite country lines and distance.


We aim to raise public interest in agriculture: its historical implications and for modern sustainable food production.

Image by olga safronova
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