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Start of the potato year!

Harvest of different potato varieties in Lorsch, Germany. Picture: SG.

The A Year On The Field project kicks off this week with the start of reporting on the big potato year. Over the next few months, we will not only be publishing lots of interesting articles about historical potato cultivation, the potato in art and its importance as a food, but also numerous field reports from our growers.

Planting potatos at Luisenhof, Germany. Picture: Luisenhof.

Potato harvesting in Hessenpark, Germany. Picture: Hessenpark.

Cutting Seed Potatoes to plant at Ross Farm Museum in Canada. Picture: Ross Farm Museum.

Piles of potatoes on Micu Viorel's farm in Romania. Picture: Vlad Dumitrescu.

We are delighted that so many people from several countries have once again agreed to share their experiences as growers with us. Not only have growers from France, Romania, Germany and the USA agreed to do so, but also museum institutions (be they classic open-air museums, living history farms or archaeological open-air projects) from Canada and the countries already mentioned.

Historical photo of potato planting in Slovenia. Picture: SEM.

The variety of different cultivation methods is also very interesting: From community-supported agriculture to horse and ox-driven farm systems to modern organic farms with tractors, everything is included. Take a look at our grower overview:

It is updated daily and will soon be complete.

Cattle traction at Auenhof Pabstthum. Picture: Auenhof Pabstthum.

Ploughing with the horses Sandro and Ilton in Germany. Picture: Sandro and Ilton.

Tractor work on the Lang organic farm in Germany. Picture: Lang Biolandbetrieb.


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