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Potato is the crop of the year 2024

After careful consideration, an international jury[1] of ten has chosen the potato (Solanum tuberosum) as the new field crop for the next cycle of the A Year On The Field Project. This not only puts the focus on one of the world's most important crops, but the project also hopes to increase the involvement of partners from South America, the potato's region of origin.

The entire year 2024 will be devoted to the history, archaeology and cultural-historical significance of the potato, as well as its cultivation and processing. The project is now looking for interested colleagues, institutions, farmers and experts to actively participate in the project as a contributor or grower. Join now!

[1] Debra Reid, Peter Watson, Heather Gilreath (all USA), Cozette Griffin-Kremer (France), Claus Kropp (Germany), Nerupama Modwel (India), Bob Powell (Scotland), Roeland Paardekooper (Denmark), Kerry Leigh-Burchill, Molly McCullough (both Canada).


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